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Stream Sampling Reports

How safe is the water where you swim? TCHD monitors water quality at local swimming areas during the summer months. See weekly stream sample results below.


Are you looking for more information about the health of Taney County? Check out one of our reports below for more information.

Board Agendas & Minutes

Our Board of Trustees meets monthly to guide our current operations and plan for the future of the Taney County Health Department. See monthly agendas and minutes below.

February 2019: Agenda | Minutes
January 2019: Agenda | Minutes

December 2018: Agenda | Minutes
August 2018: Agenda | Minutes
July 2018: Agenda | Minutes
June 2018: Agenda | Minutes

October 2017: Agenda
September 2017: Agenda | Minutes
August 2017: Agenda | Minutes
July 2017: Agenda | Minutes
June 2017: Agenda | Minutes
May 2017: Agenda | Minutes
April 2017: Minutes

The staff at the Taney County Health Department is a wealth of information. Check out some of our favorite links below.