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PRN-Public Health Nurse

 The Taney County Health Department is seeking a PRN- Public Health Nurse.  Responsibilities include lab draws, family planning, vaccinations, pregnancy testing, lead testing, and other public health program responsibilities as needed.

Applicants must possess a current RN license in the State of Missouri.  One (1) year of work experience in nursing or a closely related field is preferred.

Job Application (available at receptionist desk or online) & Rèsumè may be mailed to:

Taney County Health Department
P.O. Box 369
Forsyth, MO 65653
Attn: Human Resources Department

No faxes please

Job Application & Rèsumè may also be emailed to: [email protected]

The Taney County Health Department is an equal opportunity employer and will consider applicants without regard to age, color, race, sex, religion, national origin or disability as prescribed by federal and state laws.


Public Health Nurse
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Clinical Division Manager


  1. Nursing Related Activities 60% of Time
    1. Maintains an inventory of the vaccines and other medications required for use.
    2. Administers immunizations, treatments, tests and medications, performs laboratory procedures and nursing assessments utilizing a variety of medical equipment, in accordance with established protocol assuring for professionalism.
    3. Completes all documentation as needed assuring for accuracy, confidentiality, and timeliness.
    4. Travels to homes, schools, and clinics to perform nursing services assuring for professionalism.  Drives TCHD vehicle as necessary.
    5. Provides a wide range of public health outreach nursing services for clients in a geographically assigned area.
    6. Participates, as a team member, in the planning and development of nursing services, which includes community assessments, assuring for the best PR for the clinic and professionalism.
    7. Provides general Public Health information and answers questions as needed per phone or face-to-face consultation assuring for accuracy.  Provides referrals as needed.
    8. This position requires the possession and maintenance of a current, valid driver’s license and the ability to drive a motor vehicle.
  1. Health Related Activities                                                                                30% of Time
    1. Participates in the development of public health programs, including community assessments, assuring for professionalism.
    2. Plans and coordinates operations for an assigned program; including but not limited to; Lead, TB, Communicable Disease Investigations and Prevention, STI Prevention and Investigations,
    3. Participates in the operation of other community health programs as needed to insure coverage.
    4. Develops patient education plan per individual patient.  Conducts and provides patient education.
    5. Monitors results.  Advises patients and conducts other follow-up as needed assuring for accuracy and timeliness.  Efforts will be made to encourage follow-up.
    6. Maintains knowledge of community resources, referring clients to services as needed.
    7. Manages and addresses follow-up patient needs assuring for compliance.

III.       Educational Related Activities                                                                          10% of Time

  1. Maintains an awareness and understanding of the various drugs and scheduling of drug administration’s that are involved in the various drug regimes. Attends continuing education meetings and reads articles so as to remain current in knowledge base.
  2. Maintains an awareness and understanding of communicable diseases and control methods.
  3. Maintains an awareness and understanding of the educational program requirements.
  4. Travels to homes, schools, and clinics to provide health care information.
  5. Acquires and maintains the amount of continuing education required by State to maintain license.
  6. Reads and interprets a variety of medical information assuring for accuracy and thoroughness.
  7. Assures that clients receive the education required by their plan of care.
  8. Works with Community Outreach Division to provide Education and outreach into the community as needed.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying the position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other Health Department related duties requested by their supervisor; subject to reasonable accommodations. 


  • Average accessibility of all work sites required for the position.
  • Average exposure to weather and temperature extremes.
  • Above average exposure to chemicals and fumes.
  • Average exposure to heights.
  • Above average exposure to work safety hazards.
  • Average amount of overtime/extended work hours required.
  • Average exposure to dust.
  • Average exposure to loud noises.
  • Average exposure to darkness.
  • Average exposure to cramped spaces.


  • Normal physical mobility: movement from place to place on the job, considering distance and speed.
  • Normal physical agility: ability to maneuver body while in place.
  • Normal physical strength to handle routine office materials and tools.
  • Normal physical strength to handle 30 lb. objects, considering frequency.
  • Normal dexterity of hands and fingers.
  • Normal physical balance: ability to maintain balance and physical control.
  • Normal coordination, including eye/hand, hand/foot, etc.
  • Normal endurance.


  • Follows applicable rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Attends work regularly and is punctual.
  • Behaves professionally and presents a professional business appearance.
  • Conducts self in such a way as it reflects positively on the Health Department.
  • Fosters positive working relationships and accepts new responsibilities. 


  • Completed RN and current on all State licensure requirements.
  • Knowledge of types of vaccinations.
  • Certification in CPR.
  • Valid Driver’s license.


  • Average concentration/intensity: prolonged mental effort with limited opportunity for breaks.
  • Average memory, considering the amount and type of information.
  • Above normal complexity of decision making.
  • Average time pressure of decision making.
  • Above normal analytical thinking.
  • Above normal conceptual thinking.


  • Above average verbal communication.
  • Above average written communication.
  • Above average non-verbal communication.


  • Normal ability to see.
  • Normal ability to distinguish colors.
  • Normal ability to hear.
  • Normal ability to smell.
  • Normal sense of touch.