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  1. Director of Public Health

    The Taney County Health Department seeks a full-time, exempt, Director of Public Health.  Serving residents and nearly six million visitors annually, the Taney County Health Department (TCHD) proudly serves Taney County, including the Branson area, through a variety of health, wellness, and safety programs.  Creating opportunities for healthy lives within our community, TCHD first opened its doors in 1961 and is governed by an elected five-member board.   Valuing learning and quality improvement, TCHD is an accredited LPHA through the Missouri Institute of Community Health (MICH) and was among the first 76 health departments in the nation to become nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board.

    Located in Southwest Missouri, Taney County’s population is 53,355 (2010 US Census) and hosts millions of visitors annually.  The economy is largely driven by the hospitality and tourism industry, which necessitates scalability of programs and services.  The county presents unique challenges as part of the area is very rural, with the Branson area providing the bulk of economic activity and social services to residents and visitors.

    The successful candidate will be a proven public health administrator with a track record of outstanding community engagement, innovative leadership, and proactive approaches to public health.  Desired characteristics of the successful candidate include transparency, accountability, compassion, and integrity.  The incoming Director must value teamwork, collaboration, champion outstanding service, and hold others and self to high standards of conduct.  The environment is ripe for strong leader that can be a change agent, making an impact in both the agency and the community.

  2. Knowledge

    • Emerging issues and strategies related to public health programs and service.
    • Public health accreditation, policies, principles and practices.
    • Principles and practices used in operational management, government/public sector management, budget and finance, contract/grant management, applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, codes, and/or statutes.


    • Work with partners to maximize the impact of public health.
    • Ensure that public health is considered in all policy development.
    • Demonstrate principles and practices of effective leadership, staff selection, training, supervision, administrative performance management, and positive motivational techniques.
    • Apply administrative principles and practices, including; goal setting, program development, implementation and evaluation, and the management of employees through multiple levels of supervision and working in a complex, political environment.


    • Navigate and sustain relationships with people from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.
    • Evaluate and engage with health care legislation that impacts the department.
    • Drive recommended legislative changes to improve department functionality.
    • Communicate health data and scientific findings to individuals with a variety of training and backgrounds.
    • Engage and interact with community partners, medical professionals, administrative staff, and attorney’s while engaging in a constructive two-way conversation.
    • Network with other external agencies to assure optimal department function.

  3. Qualifications

    A Bachelor’s degree in Public Health or related field.  A Master’s degree in Public Health Administration, Public Health, a Public Health discipline, or a closely related degree and (7) years of management experience.   Additionally, formal leadership training are preferred.

    Compensation and Benefits

    Salary is competitive with other rural Public Health Departments.  The salary will be combined with a generous benefits package which includes paid vacation, holidays, and sick time; LAGERS Retirement system, and health insurance.

    Deadline Date: February 1, 2019

    To apply please send Job Application, Letter of Interest, and Résumé to:

    Taney County Health Department
    320 Rinehart Rd
    Branson, MO 65616
    Attn: HR Department
    [email protected]



JOB TITLE: Director
DIVISION: Administration
STATUS: Exempt


I. Supervisory Related Activities 25% of Time
A. Oversees the search process as openings occur: recruiting, advertising, and interviewing. Seeks approval for selection assuring for compliance
with applicable laws.
B. Provides direct and indirect supervision of subordinates, acting as a role model, and providing feedback regarding performance.
C. Provides formal and informal coaching and evaluation of subordinates assuring for professionalism, impartiality, accurate documentation and
D. Recommends promotions, provides recognition and recommends disciplinary action as needed assuring professionalism, impartiality, accurate       documentation, and timeliness.
E. Ensures the necessary training on specific departmental process and activities is provided for all staff.
F. Guarantees safety requirements are maintained for the department.
G. Monitors operational programs. Assures personnel are performing in accordance with approved budgets and approved program parameters.
H. Addresses and ensures compliance of EEOC and other regulatory matters as needed.
I. Creates culture of accountability ensuring activities are completed in an orderly, structured, and professional manner.
J. Must be able to drive to all Taney County Health Department locations, or off site locations as needed, to perform all required and essential job
related activities and tasks.

II. Community Relations Activities 25% of Time
A. Attends various meetings and events, addresses questions from stakeholders, and provides information regarding public health activities,
practices, and policies to the community.
B. Network with other external agencies establishing relationships and strong lines of communication to assure optimal department function.
C. Represent and communicate the role and mission of the Taney County Health Department to external audiences.
D. Create a strong presence within the community through support of various events and activities.
E. Acts as the liaison for the department and enhances the role of public health in the community through the establishment of strategic

III. Coordination Related Activities 15% of Time
A. Maintains membership with professional organizations assuring accessibility to resources of the professional community.
B. Maintains mutual relationships with outside agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes in the case of emergency response events.
C. Cooperates with requests for services made by local, state, or federal agencies as requested.
D. Requires and ensures interdepartmental coordination achieving the most efficient use of available resources.
E. Maintains a strong working relationship with a wide variety of local and state elected officials and state and federal agency officials.
F. Maintains a strong working relationship with the media including radio and print, ensuring for accessibility and the best PR for the department.
G. Acts as the official registrar for the County.

IV. Board Related Activities 15% of Time
A. Meets and communicates routinely with the Board of Trustees to collaborate on the department’s strategic vision.
B. Recommends policies and procedures for Board consideration.
C. Responds to Board requests and concerns assuring for timeliness and accuracy.
D. Assures that official minutes are taken and that decisions made by the Board are documented.
E. Conducts new board orientation ensuring board members are equipped with the knowledge and expectations to be a successful board member.
F. Communicates trends and issues, including federal and state legislation with potential impacts to the department.

V. Budget (Capital and Operating) Related Activities 10% of Time
A. Works with division managers to prepare department and division budgets, assuring for accuracy and thoroughness, and submits the budget to
the Board for approval.
B. Ensures that the budget reflects the needs and outcomes of strategic priorities of the Department.
C. Implements the approved budget assuring for compliance. Provides explanations for budget variance(s) if they occur and as requested. Monitors
expenditures throughout the year.

VI. Strategic Activities 10% of Time
A. Works with division managers to ensure performance management system goals and objectives are defined, maintained, achieved, and aligned
with the strategic plan.
B. Determines and sets goals and projections for future developments assuring that the divisions are progressive and align with public health
C. Attends external meetings, seminars, and programs to maintain an awareness of the trends and developments in the public health profession.
D. Schedules and attends internal meetings to obtain input and to encourage ongoing communications.
E. Initiates processes to facilitate department-wide planning efforts.
F. Interprets State Health Department contracts assuring compliance with the specifications and deliverables.
G. Works with division managers to ensure national and Missouri accreditation standards are maintained and achieved.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying the position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other Health Department-related duties requested by the board of directors; subject to reasonable accommodations.

• Bachelors Degree in Public Health or related field is required
• Master’s degree in Public Health Administration, Public Health, a Public Health discipline, or a closely related field is preferred.
• Seven years’ of applicable management experience is preferred.
• Formal leadership training preferred
• Five years of Public Health Department management is preferred.
• Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices involved in the administration of a county-wide public health program.
• Considerable knowledge of the programs and objectives of a county health agency and of the inter-professional relationships in the
implementation of its programs.

• Follows applicable rules, regulations, and policies.
• Attends work regularly and is punctual.
• Behaves professionally and presents a professional business appearance.
• Conducts self in such a way as it reflects positively on the Health Department.
• Fosters positive working relationships and accepts new responsibilities

• Exceptional verbal communication.
• Exceptional written communication.
• Exceptional non-verbal communication.


The Taney County Health Department is an equal opportunity employer and will consider applicants without regard to age, color, race, sex, religion, national origin or disability as prescribed by federal and state laws.