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  1.  Program Manager

The Taney County Health Department will be accepting résumés for a full time, 40 hours a week, Program Manager.  Duties will include supervision and oversight of the Environmental Health and Community Outreach teams, leading community engagement efforts, develops ordinances, and leads community health assessments.

The ideal candidate would have a background with environmental health and community engagement.   Desired characteristics would be integrity, compassion, and strong leadership skills.  The manager would need to value teamwork, collaboration, and hold others and self to high standard of conduct.

Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Environmental Health, Public Administration or a closely related field.  Three (3) years of Public health experience preferred.   Three (3) years of management experience and formal leadership training preferred but not required.     A Master’s degree in Public Health Administration, Public Health, Epidemiology, or closely related field is preferred but not required.

TCHD provides a comprehensive benefits package which includes paid vacation, holidays, and sick time; LAGERS Retirement system, health,
short-term disability, and life insurance.

Salary Range:

Deadline Date:  Open Until Filled

To apply please send Job Application, Letter of Interest, and Résumé to:

HR Department at:
[email protected]
or PO Box 369, Forsyth MO 65653
or at a TCHD location


JOB TITLE:   Program Manager         

DIVISION:   Community and Environmental Health


STATUS:   Exempt


I. Supervisory Related Activities 50% of Time

    1. Conducts selection process as openings occur. Makes recommendations for new hires.
    2. Plans and oversees division orientation for new hires.
    3. Provides direct supervision including scheduling, project assignments, provides formal and informal coaching of personnel, assuring for professionalism.
    4. Identifies training opportunities and needs of staff and community.
    5. Works closely with the Health Department’s leadership to determine future needs, projects, and programs.
    6. Coordinates the development of strategic plan and performance management goals for teams.
    7. Evaluates programs and processes using CQI and Performance Management to improve Community and Environmental Health teams activities and to meet goals of the CHIP and Strategic Plan.
    8. Reviews and approves payroll, expense reports, and division budget prior to Director approval.
    9. When appropriate, addresses and resolves customer complaints.
    10. Provides end-of-the year assessment reports to the County, City organizations and Health Board.
    11. Must be able to drive to all Taney County Health Department locations, or off site locations as needed, to perform all required and essential job related activities and tasks.

II. Environmental and Community Program Related Activities                         50% of Time

    1. Leads Department health education efforts in coordination with other health department teams, ensuring for appropriate implementation and evaluation.
    2. Oversee internal and external messaging and information dissemination, including implementation and maintenance of the TCHD Communication Plan.
    3. Ensure programs and health messages address cultural diversity, health literacy, and accessibility for target populations.
    4. Acts as the liaison for the Health Department in health related coalitions and community organizations and establishes new community partnerships to enhance the role of public health in Taney County.
    5. Works with local community partners, coalitions and committees to assess community health needs and priorities through evidence-based community health assessment processes.
    6. Leads planning, coordination, and implementation of community engagement, health education, outreach and support activities on behalf of the Health Department in coordination with other health department teams.
    7. Writes and develops City and County ordinances and contracts, assuring for thoroughness, timeliness, accuracy, and appropriate community/stakeholder input and notice.
    8. Works closely with the FDA on complying and gathering information to meet national standards for retail foods.
    9. Works with Environmental Health Coordinator to ensure Environmental Health Team maintains a Taney County Establishment list and prioritizes list according to risk and ensures facilities are inspected according to established schedules.
    10. Maintains an awareness and understanding of the codes for food establishments, lab, lodging, daycare, tattoo, massage, and recreational waters.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying the position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other Health Department related duties requested by their supervisor; subject to reasonable accommodations.


  • Follows all applicable rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Attends work regularly and is punctual.
  • Behaves professionally and presents a professional business appearance.
  • Conducts self in such a way as it reflects positively on the Health Department.
  • Fosters positive working relationships and accepts new responsibilities.


  • Above average accessibility of all work sites required for the position.
  • Above average exposure to weather and temperature extremes.
  • Average exposure to chemicals and fumes.
  • Average exposure to heights.
  • Average exposure to work safety hazards.
  • Average amount of overtime/extended work hours required.
  • Average exposure to dust.
  • Average exposure to loud noises.
  • Average exposure to darkness.
  • Average exposure to cramped spaces.


  • Normal physical mobility: movement from place to place on the job, considering distance and speed.
  • Normal physical agility: ability to maneuver body while in place.
  • Normal physical strength to handle routine office materials and tools.
  • Normal physical strength to handle 20 lb. objects, considering frequency.
  • Normal dexterity of hands and fingers.
  • Normal physical balance: ability to maintain balance and physical control.
  • Normal coordination, including eye/hand, hand/foot, etc.
  • Normal endurance.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health or related field, Master’s Degree preferred.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Minimum three years supervisory experience.
  • State and national certifications.
  • Ability to multitask.


  • Above average concentration/intensity: prolonged mental effort
  • Above average memory.
  • Above normal complexity of decision making.
  • Average time pressure of decision making.
  • Above average analytical thinking.
  • Above average conceptual thinking.



  • Above average verbal communication.
  • Above average written communication.
  • Above average non-verbal communication.



  • Normal ability to see.
  • Normal ability to distinguish colors.
  • Normal ability to hear.
  • Normal ability to smell.
  • Normal sense of touch.

The Taney County Health Department is an equal opportunity employer and will consider applicants without regard to age, color, race, sex, religion, national origin or disability as prescribed by federal and state laws