Fit-Tastic! at Home

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Weighing In is sharing weekly featured resources for families in this time of social distancing and staying at home. Check out the Fit-Tastic! at Home webpage for more details and additional resources.

Change in Tests On Drinking Water Samples

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BEGINNING FRIDAY, MARCH 27, TCHD WILL NOT PERFORM BACTERIOLOGICAL TESTS ON DRINKING WATER SAMPLES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. To drop off or pick up a water sample bottle please call 417-334-4544 ext 590 from your car and an Administrative Clerk can guide you further. Verify the following to ensure your water sample can be processed: 1. Ensure the following sections are … Read More

Keep Kids Active Indoors!

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Need help keeping your children active and learning? WALKABOUTS is offering FREE temporary access to  the active learning platform for pre-k through second grade. Full instructions and information here.